Local Profile

Chris has been working in Bath since 2010 and has been immensely priviliged to have been able to combine his own work with working with Don in his office, out in the constituency and in Parliament.


Chris runs his own small business - Frank Hampshire Media & Consultancy - that provides digital media advice to small to medium size businesses in Bath and throughout the south west. Chris is an active member of the Bath Spark group of internet and technology companies and can often be found working alongside fellow Bath based technology providers in The Guild Co-working Hub in the Guildhall. 


Chris and his family live in Weston and are popular and well regarded around the Village. Chris shares in the day to day childcare arangements of their two sons and due to living next door to Weston All Saints Primary School (WASPS), he is well known by many of the carers and parents as well as all his neighbours in the area. As the organiser for the Weston Lib Dems, Chris writes and edits the Focus leaflets and arranges for their publishing, printing and delivery across the ward. Last year Chris organised and chaired the first Weston Lib Dems Housing Meeting attended by around 120 local residents with speeches/Q&A from B&NES Cabinet members, councillors and Don Foster MP. Chris also organised the highly successful 'Achievements Day' action day, which was supported by over 60 people, many of whom are part of Chris's extensive support network that live outside of Bath but came along to support his initiative. Chris attends Weston All Saints Church and enjoys playing cricket for his local team, Lansdown Cricket Club. Chris volunteers for Julian House, Bath's main charity for homeless and rough sleepers, which includes fundraising and running the Bath Half Marathon on their behalf. Chris is also a keen rugby fan and can often be seen at the Rec' cheering on Bath Rugby. 


Chris is also on the executive committee of Bath & North East Somerset Liberal Democrats and is Chair of the Membership Development Team.

National Profile

Chris has attended every Lib Dem Conference since 2007 and has spoken on a huge range of issues including:


- ‘Protecting The NHS’ motion, Spring Conference, Newcastle, 2012 (spoke for, motion carried)

- ‘Early Years’ motion, Autumn Conference, Brighton 2012 (spoke for, motion carried)

- ‘Continuing Our Opposition to Secret Courts’, Spring Conference, Brighton 2013 (spoke for, motion carried)

- 'A Digital Bill of Rights' motion, Spring Conference, York 2014 (spoke for, motion carried)


 (for a full list of Chris's speeches, please see his CV).


Chris was also the very first member of the highly acclaimed Liberal Democrat Candidate Leadership Programme and in recognition of his skills as a powerful and inspirational orator, Chris was asked by Nick Clegg to deliver the showpiece Rally Speech to the 2011 Autumn Conference in Birmingham.


Chris is well known to all South West based Liberal Democrat MPs, MEPs & peers and by most of the Parliamentary Party.

Media Profile

As a trained media professional, Chris is well accustomed to being in front of a camera or behind a microphone. Chris has appeared numerous times on a number of BBC radio shows, and has been interviewed on Sky News, Channel 4 News, ITN and smaller international networks. Chris has also been interviewed or quoted by many national newspapers of them. Locally, Chris is well known to the editorial staff at both the Bath Chronicle and BBC Points West. 


Professionally, Chris has worked in the media industry for almost 20 years, including roles with two national newspapers. Chris is recognised as an autortity on digital media and has written a chart topping book, 'Social Politics: Political Campaigning in a Social Media Era’ (http://amzn.to/Mn1kKu) . 


Chris truly knows how to harness the power of the internet to effectively ensure that his message is heard and that it reaches new and different audiences.