Pledge 1: Money

Unlike the Conservatives who are backed by their friends in the city bankers & rich landowners, and the Labour Party who are backed by the trade unions, the Liberal Democrats rely on the goodwill of our members, those who share our values and those who believe in the quality of our candidates to provide the necessary funds to fight a general election campaign.


In these difficult times where money is tight and the stock of all politicians is low, fundraising is an essential yet increasingly difficult task for all candidates to engage in. As someone who runs his own business, I am well accustomed to asking for money! As a charity fundraiser I have organised events on behalf of Julian House and many others. As a political campaigner, I have personally helped to raise thousands of pounds for the party as a representative of our Leadership Programme. 


With me as candidate I can deliver the finances that no one else can. With me as candidate, I can ask for money from individuals and businesses that no other candidate can. With me as candidate I can open the doors that no one else can. I have the national profile, the personality and the PR skills to attract interest from both Liberal Democrats and non-party members; from within Bath and throughout the entire country. From small individual donations to large corporate donations. Why? Because I will be more than the figurehead of an election campaign... I'll be leading a cause.


So confident am I that I can provide these funds, I pledge that if selected, to personally deliver £30,000 to the election campaign between now and the end of year.