Pledge 3: Time

For 22 years, Don has been at the forefront of politics here in Bath. Everyone knows him and everyone knows how tirelessly he works on behalf of the people of Bath. We therefore need to ensure that we transfer as much of Don's personal vote on to the new candidate as well as appeal to new voters and volunteers to join our campaign. By the time the selection campaign is over, we will have about year to raise the funds, recruit the helpers and develop the campaign themes to achieve our 2 objectives: 1) to return another Liberal Democrat MP 2) to take full control of Bath and North East Somerset Council. A year might sound like a long time, but when holidays, bad weather and workload is factored in, it is not that long at all. Time is of the essence and we really do not have any time to waste.


That's why I pledge that if selected I will immediately start working full time on both the parliamentary campaign and the local election campaigns.