Politicians are often accused of being unwilling to commit or failing to deliver on their policies. Whilst the speeches, interviews and public meetings are important, I believe that people need to know up front what I plan to deliver and have something to measure me by if selected. That's why I'm prepared to make and standby three pledges that if selected I will start working on immediately. I will also make progress against these pledges available so that everyone can see how well I am performing against the targets I have set myself.


Pledge 1: Money

I pledge that if selected, I will personally deliver £30,000 to the election campaign by the end of 2014



Pledge 2: People

I pledge that if selected, I will personally recruit 100 extra volunteers to join our campaign by the end of 2014




Pledge 3: Time

I pledge that if selected, I will immediately start working full time on both the parliamentary campaign and the local election campaigns