POLITICAL (cont...)

Chris was drawn to politics from an early age. From chairing the Pupil's Council at school, he went on to become President of the Student's Union at sixth form college and serve two sabbatical terms as President of the Student's Union at Middlesex University. Chris gave up politics to focus on his career but felt compelled to become politically active again after joining the march against the Iraq War and hearing Charles Kennedy's speech. Chris is an ardent opponent of ID cards and having lived alongside Gurkhas in Hong Kong, was appalled by how unfairly they were being treated compared to regular army regiments. The Liberal Democrats were the only party whose values of freedom, fairness and fidelity chimed with his own and he became an activist within his local branch in 2006...


In 2010 he stood in two consequtive elections: as PPC for Ealing North in the general election and as councillor candidate in Maple Cross & Mill End Ward on Three Rivers Distric Council where he won the council seat (doubling the number of votes cast previously). Chris was also on the S W Herts Liberal Democrats executive committee and was the local organiser for the "Fairer Votes" AV referendum campaign for the Rickmansworth area. After business opportunities brought him to Bath, Chris became active in the local community in Weston where he lives and throughout the city by supporting Bath MP Don Foster with casework and digital communications advice. Last year Chris chaired the Weston Lib Dems Core Strategy/Housing public meeting and organised the highly successful 'Achievements Day' action day. Chris is a member of the Bath & North East Somerset executive committee and chairs the Membership Development Team. A prolific conference speaker with a substantial national media profile, Chris is a powerful communicator, whether one-to-one, in public meetings or in the media. As a digital marketing and communications professional, Chris's professional expertise coupled with his open, natural and collaborative style, is extremely effective when conveying political messages.


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