Liberal Values

Being a Liberal has never been easy. In these days of being in government both locally and nationally, being a Liberal Democrat has meant our values have come under scrutiny like never before. More and more we're being asked exactly what it means to be  a Liberal Democrat?


Well for me, it's simple. My brand of Liberalism boils down to these 3 basic tenets: 


1) Fairness for all...

2) Freedom from interference...

3) Equality of opportunity...


Why I'm a Lib Dem...

I decided to join the Liberal Democrats on February 15th, 2003. I remember the day because it was the day of the Stop The War Coalition protest in central London and I was one of the million people who marched against going to war in Iraq. It was then that I saw Charles Kennedy take to the stage and heard him speak for the first time. I knew then that the Liberal Democrats were the party for me, even though I wasn't particularly active at that stage. It was in 2006 that I really felt compelled to roll up my sleeves and get involved as Tony Blair's 'New Labour' government tried to run roughshod over the things I cared about most: civil liberties, ID cards, 28 days without charge, "surveilance Britain", child detention, the DNA database, new stop & search powers and control orders, were just a few examples of how the then government tried to curtail our liberty. I knew I was in the right party when we were the first major party to campaign for equal pay and conditions for Gurkhas (whom I'd lived and played alongside as a child in Hong Kong) and have campaigned tirelessly since then for a fairer, freer and more liberal Britain.

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