Bath is iconic, individual and unique. We've always been brave and unafraid to try new things. Time and again, throughout Bath's history our city has proven itself to be welcoming, tolerant and Liberal. My vision therefore is for Bath to be true to these liberal values. I want our city to be:






I want us to be the city of innovation, embracing new technologies, attracting new tech & creative industries to come here, bringing with them fresh ideas, drive and job opportunities. We’ve made a start with designating the Bath Enterprise Area, now we’ve got to attract the right sort of businesses to fill it. I also want us to be proud of our liberal heritage and celebrate our liberal values. We should aim to be the most liberal city in the country - open, welcoming and accepting those who come to our city to live, work or visit.



I want for us to do something about the traffic in our city once and for all! With 50,000 cars entering our city each weekday it’s no surprise it’s the number one complaint for most local people. We need to protect our people, our buildings and our businesses from the noise, the polluion and the loss of productivity. Our public transport needs to be cheaper and more convenient and we need to provide a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians.



Our city is without doubt the most beautiful city in the world, but like everywhere, Bath has many pockets of deprevation. In my vision for Bath, we must become a much more inclusive community. Our mission should be to help those less able to help themselves and ensure fair and equal access to the services they need to provide for themselves and their families. We need to build more houses, ensure our children get a high quality education and make sure our elderly and most vulnerable receive the best care, regardless of where they live or their financial status.




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